Watcher | Les Atelier Varan Documentary

Everyday I pass by these small cubicle-like tiny houses in the street. They seem to be there for my protection yet I have never seen any motion. I park my car around the curb of one of these houses on a daily basis but I barely catch a glimpse of who sits inside and when it’s empty, it seems lived in, clothes hanging, kettle boiling.

The process began when I wanted to explore these spaces deeper as well as gain understanding of the people living inside. What’s it like for a man to be spending so much time in a single confined space? What is it that makes me relate to these small encounters?

Cairo can be chaotic but they seem frozen in time. I wished to have a conversation and to spark something that didn’t exist before. My overall aim for this workshop was a non-linear short film exploring confined spaces & how they affect the daily lives of their inhabitants in correlation with a city like Cairo being an intense magnifier on this experience.

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