The Conference

A workshop that was part of my studies at the KISD, I was assigned to design the exhibition space for dutch media artist Mieke Gerritzen. Visualizing chairs that represented artists imaginatively attending ‘the conference’ through quotations that were handed to my colleagues & I. My task was to visualize the philosopher Vilem Flusser through his words ‘Everything is becoming absurd’.
A recurring theme in Flusser’s work was the questioning of the meaning of freedom and the role of society in shaping this perception. I was inspired by Optical illusions to reflect his ideologies, that being an art of distorting perception & an endless questioning of reason. The chair was further peeled and scratched & the remains left underneath portraying a work left unfinished.
‘The Conference’ | Mieke Gerritzen workshop (2012)
Supervised by Prof. Dr. Michael Erlhoff
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