2008 – 2013 Bsc in Graphic Design at the German University in Cairo.
2011 – 2012 Exchange student at Köln International School of Design.

Technical Skills
Fluent workflow using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Cubase, Ableton & Final Cut.

Extracurricular Activities
Full-time sales and marketing ‘wing’
Red Bull Egypt | 2010-2011

Full-time sales person (music section)
Virgin Megastores Egypt | 2008


Freelance Graphic Designer / Manager
Where | Commune Co-working (Sydney, Australia)
Duration | January 2016 – 2017
Scope | Branding – Packaging – Art Direction – Editorial
Brief | Full-time self-employed Graphic Designer, specialized in branding & art direction from
concept & ideation to completion.

Graphic Designer at Matter Branding
Where | Matter Branding (Cairo, Egypt)
Duration | March 2014 – October 2015
Scope | Branding – Packaging – Art Direction – Editorial
Brief | Full-time Graphic Designer, specialized in branding & packaging from
concept & ideation to completion.

Intern at Deutsche Telekom Berlin
Where | Creation Center (Berlin, Germany)
Duration | June – August 2013
Scope | Sound Design – Design Thinking
Project | Soundian iPhone app
Brief | The Creation Center is a design thinking innovation hub part of the Deutsche Telekom, Berlin. I was part of a team that organized several workshops raising discussion on design thinking & methodology. My main task was the branding, launching & sound regeneration of ‘Soundian’, an iPhone app that allows users to mix sounds into phone calls.

Bachelor of Applied Sciences and Arts (with Honors)
Where | German University in Cairo
Duration | February 2012 – May 2012
Type of work | Research and Practical project
Project | ‘What the ears can hear, the eyes can see?’
Brief | Revolving around sonic experimentation, narrative literature and acoustic design, how to capture the essence of a landscape through an audible experience that narrates an inward monlogue exploring the link between sound and a stream of consciousness rather than reproducing or simulating reality through soundscape.

Exchange Student at KISD
Where | Köln International School of Design (Cologne, Germany)
Duration | September 2011 – February 2012
Scope | Semester study abroad
Brief | After 2 years and a half at the german university in cairo, I decided I needed another perspective on design. I was drawn to the Köln International School of Design in particular due to its integrated & open understanding towards design.
Having been immersed in a totally new work environment, I learnt how to quickly adapt to new experiences. Through exposure to different thinking and collaboration with diverse artists and designers, I acquired communication skills as well as an interdisciplinary background, combining research, practice and creative experimentation.

Junior Teacher’s Assistant
Where | German University in Cairo
Duration | February – June 2011
Type of work | Theory + Practice of Sound composition
Project | Sound 101
Brief | As a sixth-semester student, I worked at the GUC as a junior teacher’s assistant in two classes: one theoretical and one practical with Dr. Christian Fischer. The theoretical lecture gave an overview on basic acoustics, recording, sound synthesis and its purposes and use in modern media & art whereas the practical part focused on different softwares used for sound synthesis, mixing, editing and mastering. As an outcome, students were able to work with sounds and samples in the digital domain.

Workshop Participant
Where | Salzburg Academy of Fine Arts (Salzburg, Austria)
Duration | July – August 2010
Type of work | Fine Arts and Print Techniques
Project | ‘Print It Again’
Brief | ‘Print It Again’ was a workshop under the supervision of artist Krystina Pyotrovska for three weeks at the Hohen Salzburg fortress in Austria.
The course was an introduction to various printing techniques, in addition to traditional etching methods such as drypoint, aquatint, shellac and soft ground.
All these techniques were an expansion of self-expression where the lack of technology was not an obstacle, but a conscious choice.