El Qahirah | Food Truck

El Qahirah (Arabic for Cairo) is Sydney’s first Egyptian food truck, serving authentic Egyptian street food.

With a love for the traditional food and unique street culture of their home city, Cairo born George Kaldas and Ishac Soliman teamed up to share the deliciousness with the streets of Sydney. After many years of friends, family and colleagues pestering them for more of their homemade dishes, the pair decided to follow their dream and make El Qahirah a reality. 

Inspired by the streets of the world’s oldest city, the idea was to create an identity that reflected a timeless Cairo – both at peace and at odds with itself.  The friendly, albeit self-depricating humour of Egyptian street vendours; the melancholic sarcasm immortalized in the kitchy graffiti adorning the city’s walls; the ridiculous, but endearing local jargon on food trucks; the stylization of its street signage. We took it all in. Cairo remains a hybrid of past and present, bouncing between the ultrareal and the fantastical, coexisting (un)harmoniously – you choose.

Designed by me in collaboration with The Atticism PR Agency
Editorial Photography by Parker Blain
Media Feature: https://www.broadsheet.com.au/sydney/food-and-drink/article/el-qahirah-opens
For more info please visit: www.elqahirah.com.au