Barzaari | Restaurant & Bar

Situated in the heart of Marrickville, Barzaari is a tribute to the cuisines of the East Mediterranean serving a mixed menu of modernised Cypriot, Lebanese, Greek and Turkish food.
I was approached by Martin and Jordanou to create an identity that reflected the melting pot of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean history and culture that is Cyprus. Much like the name (Barzaari is a Cypriot market where Jordanou’s grandpa used to sell his farm-grown produce), the idea stems from the feeling of an old world. The restaurant itself however, looks less like a market than it does a refitted warehouse with a few old-school touches and trinkets. As a result, it was important to remain true to the past whilst maintaining an identity that is fresh and relevant to today, encapsulating both old and new.
Scope | Branding, Art Direction, Printed Matter, Web Design
Credits | Photography by Leigh Griffiths