"The Artisan must be skillfull in all aspects of her craft.
Such perfection only comes from long practice,
which inevitably litters the floor
with the misshapen remains of her failures."

Dina (born in Cairo,1991) is an Australian/Egyptian artist and designer. She has pursued a BA in graphic design (with honours in 2013) from the German University in Cairo as well as Köln International School of Design, having divided her studies between Egypt and Germany.

During her bachelor studies, she developed an interest in interdisciplinary research which led her to continuing her studies at the Köln Integrated School for Design. Afterwards, she worked full-time at a branding agnecy (Matter Branding LLC) where she furthered her experience as a graphic designer. Next to her design projects, she has worked in photography & print-making, sound design and film production in Salzburg, Cologne, Berlin, and Cairo.